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We are proud to present to you a new era of appliances that will revolutionize your kitchen.


With its sleek appearance and smooth finish, the FORNO cooktop adds a distinguished touch to the kitchen. The FORNO cooking top is also available in a range of contemporary colors that perfectly accommodate the latest trends in interior design.Besides being stylish they are easy to clean. With the plate’s elegance and purification, its use is as simple as possible for everyone.


The FORNO cooking tops are equipped with induction technology. High-performance technology that heats up your kitchen utensils and boils your water faster than ever. Each heating element also provides you with precise, uniform cooking, which significantly reduces energy consumption. Cooking results are superior to alternatives such as gas furnaces.

The FORNO line of products were created to provide the best state of the art kitchen appliances to consumers at a fraction of current retail prices.

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